There are #many, many# websites on the Voynich Manuscript of varying degrees of usefulness and repetition (even discounting those copying Wikipedia and other open source material) - so this list will never be complete.

The following are some of the useful websites, concentrating on English language texts: feel free to develop the list - or create entries (including overviews with links) on this wiki.

If websites cease being active just note this against the entry rather than deleting the reference, so this page can reflect the historical record. Also note if the site is in a language other than English, is a pdf or is otherwise 'different.'

Entries checked 20 April 2015


  • John Baez' article from 2005, with links to a number of other websites, is [1]
  • P Han's theory, from 2009/2010 [2]
  • The Internet Archives page [3]
  • The Journal of Voynich Studies - [4]
  • Languedoc Mysteries website page [5]
  • Museum of Hoaxes [6]
  • Lisa Fagin Davis' article (2015) [7]
  • The Meta-religion website article [8]
  • The CSI webpage on the VM, from January/February 2011 is here [9]
  • An article on Crystalinks [10]


  • The Plos One article is here [11].
  • A BBC news article on the journal Plos One study is here [12].
  • Edith Sherwood's website [13]
  • The Voynich Manuscript Mailing List HQ website is [14]
  • The Wikipedia page is [15]
  • The Yale University webpage is [16]
  • A New Yorker article is here [17]
  • World Mysteries website [18]
  • Voynich Thoughts [19]
  • An article in Tablet Magazine [20]
  • A website on Wordpress [21]
  • Voynich Ninja website [22]
  • The VM rosettes can be seen in 3D here [23].
  • The Voynich Optics site is here [24]
  • The Oldcivilizations's Blog (in Spanish) is [25]
  • Philip Neal's website [26].
  • What We Know About The Voynich Manuscript [27] (pdf).


  • A list of books and articles can be found at [28]
  • The proposition that the Manuscript is a 'false book' created to look like it came from Francis Bacon's New Atlantis [29] - though the dating of the manuscript is against this.
  • Slides from a presentation [30]
  • 'The top 10 theories' [31]
  • A number of videos can be found here [32]
  • An article by Sravana Reddy and Kevin Knight [33].
  • A Princeton article is at [34].
  • A BBC story on the VM's potential translation is [35].
  • A discussion here [36]
  • An article in Spanish here [37]
  • Computational attacks on the Voynich Manuscript website [38]

A podcast can be found here [39].

See also Useful websites and materials and Voynich Manuscript in the Wikiverse

This article and the equivalent page on the other Voynich website [40] should be updated in tandem.

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