The Voynich Manuscript appears to have been created in Italy, but much of its early history is unknown, so the following timeline is necessarily incomplete.

If the VM is the same volume as described in the Johannes Marcus Marci-Athanasius Kircher letter, it at some point ended up in Prague, in what was then Bohemia [1] (and is now the capital of the Czech Republic) - where it was apparently associated with Emperor Rudolf II.

Marci discussed the book with Kircher who lived and worked in various parts of what is now Germany, before settling in Rome (home of the Papacy and now capital of Italy). It is to be assumed, in this scenario, that the document travelled with Kircher and would have been left in some archive on his death. The document would probably have resided there until about 1870, when many religious documents were removed from the Collegio Romano, following Italian unification. (The Italian secular authorities wished to acquire such materials as part of the country's heritage: the Wikipedia page on Italian unification is [2].)

(If the VM is a different document to that discussed by Marci and Kircher, this last part of the journey would have been the same, but its previous history is in this case completely unknown.)

  • 1912 Wilfrid Voynich acquired the manuscript, which would then have remained with him in London, UK. (He gave various accounts of where he had acquired it. However he may have been exercising a degree of caution to protect his sources of material - not uncommon with "dealers in old and strange objects", or wished to have added an air of mystery to the document.)

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