This is a reference list of further undeciphered documents and texts which are 'mysterious' in some way - more information can be found on the other Voynich wiki, at [1], and on the relevant Wikipedia pages.

Based on the Wikipedia categories [2], [3]- both dealing with undeciphered writing systems - and [4] - uncracked codes and ciphers.

Mention of further examples not mentioned on the Wikipedia pages welcome (or discuss on the talk page) - and details can be added here or articles added on the other wiki [5] as appropriate.

  • Alekanova inscription
  • Blau Monuments
  • The Blitz ciphers
  • Book of Soyga
  • Byblos syllabary
  • Chaocipher
  • Chinese Gold Bar cipher
  • Codex Seraphinianus
  • Dispilio Tablet
  • D'Agapeyeff cipher
  • D-Day carrier pigeon cipher
  • Dorabella Cipher
  • Fenn treasure
  • Gradeshnitsa tablets
  • Indus/Harappan Script
  • Käymäjärvi Inscriptions
  • Kryptos
  • McClelland Sherd
  • Nova N 176
  • Oera Linda Book
  • Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 90
  • Phaistos Disc
  • Phaistos Disc decipherment claims
  • Ricky McCormick's encrypted notes
  • Rohonc Codex
  • Rongorongo
  • RSA Secret-Key Challenge
  • Shugborough inscription
  • Singapore Stone
  • The Starving of Saqqara
  • Tărtăria tablets
  • Taman Shud case
  • Tulli Papyrus
  • Vinca symbols
  • Youra Potsherds
  • Zodiac 340 Letter

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