A Preliminary Analysis of the Botany, Zoology, and Mineralogy of the Voynich ManuscriptAndreas SchinnerAnne Margaret Nill
Anthony AschamAntonio AverlinoAthanasius Kircher
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript LibraryBiography pages guidelinesBook of Soyga
Case against Roger Bacon authorshipCase against Wilfrid Voynich authorshipCase against micrography
CatharCipherClaude Martin
Constructed scriptConventions in this wikiCreating the Voynich Manuscript
CryptogramDating the Voynich ManuscriptDr Damian Zanette
Dr Marcelo MontemurroEdith SherwoodEdward Kelly
Elizebeth FriedmanEnochian languageEthel Lilian Voynich
European Voynich AlphabetFalse documentFalse writing system
First Study GroupFirst authorFrancis Bacon
Gabriel LandiniGeorg BareschGordon Rugg
Hans Peter KrausHenri HyvernatHerbal
HerbalGramHerbert GarlandHistoric context of the Voynich Manuscript
Historical context of the Voynich ManuscriptHugh O'NeillJacobus Sinapius
Jacques GuyJames ChildJames Gillogly
Jan HurychJim ReedsJohannes Marcus Marci
John DeeJohn Matthews ManlyJohn Stojko
John TiltmanJoseph Martin FeelyJournal of Voynich Studies
Karl WidemannLeo LevitovLeonell C Strong
List of ciphertextsList of things to be doneLiterary forgery
Mary D'ImperioNick PellingOther documents
PaleographyPersons linked to the Voynich ManuscriptPeter Jan Beckx
PharmacopeiaPlaces associated with the Voynich ManuscriptPossible authors of the Voynich Manuscript
PraguePrescott CurrierPseudepigrapha
Purposes of the Voynich ManuscriptRaphael Sobiehrd-MnishovskyRené Zandbergen
Richard SantaColomaRobert S. BrumbaughRoger Bacon
Roger Bacon's Cipher; The Right Key FoundRoland Grubb KentRudolf II
Second Study GroupSergio ToresellaShorthand
Society for Psychical ResearchSteganographyStephen Bax
Steve EkwallStyle.cssTable of Numiform Values
Table of Runiform ValuesTable of Uniform ValuesThe Voynich Manuscript: An Elegant Enigma
Theodore PetersenTheories about the Voynich ManuscriptTranslating the Voynich Manuscript
Uncracked codes and ciphersUndeciphered writing systemsUseful websites and materials
Viekko LatvalaVilla MondragoneVoynich Language Model Wiki
Voynich Language Model Wiki:Community portalVoynich ManuscriptVoynich Manuscript Mailing List
Voynich Manuscript bibliographyVoynich Manuscript in fictionVoynich Manuscript in popular culture
Voynich Manuscript in the WikiverseVoynich Manuscript related websitesVoynich Manuscript timeline
Voynich Manuscript translation discussionsWilfrid VoynichWilliam Frederick Friedman
William Romaine NewboldZbigniew Banasik
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