While all areas can be improved or developed, this page has been set up to list those areas requiring particular attention - partly to avoid repeated minor changes on the main page.

Unlike Wikipedia summaries and records of 'Original Research' and other overviews are welcome here - but 'the usual wiki conventions apply' so material may be modified or developed by others.

New articles on related topics are welcome - but will be considered on their merits. Theories should be worked out to some degree and 'translations' of the Voynich Manuscript should consist of more than a few words or lines (and should produce, over the course of the example given, a running text that appears to match the original document).

Adding information and detail in the following areas and categories:

  • bibliographical and other information on the various articles.
  • creating more articles within the field of this wiki.
  • developing biographies of those involved with, or linked to, the VM.
  • developing the research/background articles.
  • identifying and describing the images in the manuscript.
  • photographs and maps etc.
  • links to other relevant sites (which will be double checked for suitability).

Other topics will be added from time to time.

Discussions on the talk page.

See also Conventions in this wiki