'Normal wiki rules and conventions apply' - but this page is for noting the particular conventions and policies in use in this wiki.

  • Unlike Wikipedia 'Original Research' and descriptions thereof (with links) is allowed but statements made should be backed up with suitable references and other source materials.
  • Theories should be discussed and critiqued rather than attacked.
  • For convenience 'VM' can be used after the first reference to Voynich Manuscript.
  • Translations of 'undeciphered material/the VM' should cover more than a few lines or paragraphs - the text does appear to be a coherent whole (or group of texts).
  • The intent is generally inclusive within the field of interest.
  • The wiki is orientated towards the Voynich Manuscript as an object in a particular context: [1] deals with the wider context of 'strange documents' and [2] with analysis of the text.

It is acceptable to have an article/discussion/website elsewhere and a brief description with links here (as wikis do get modified).

Any discussions on the talk page.