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Born c 1400, and, according to his biographer, Vasari (Wikipedia page [1]), died in Rome c. 1469.

Antonio di Pietro Averlino (c. 1400 – c. 1469), also "Averulino", known as Filarete (from φιλάρετος, Greek for "lover of excellence"), was a Florentine Renaissance architect, sculptor and architectural theorist - works include the bronze doors of Old St. Peter's Basilica. He is perhaps best remembered for his design of the ideal city of Sforzinda, the first ideal city plan of the Renaissance. Filarete is one of many Renaissance figures regarded as a possible author of the Voynich manuscript. This thesis is supported by claimed similarities between drawings of architecture in the VMS and in his other works, as well as by scientific dating of the manuscript's vellum to the 15th century.

More information on the Wikipedia page [2], while the Ciphermysteries website discussion is at [3].

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